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The Bermuda Railway was the most expensive railway or railroad, per mile, anywhere in the world, and was built primarily to accommodate the explosion of tourism on the island of Bermuda. It took 7 years to get all eight Acts of Parliament through the local legislature to give the Bermuda Railway Company the authority it needed to buy the land on which to run the rails. Meeting with countless cost overruns, missed deadlines, and unforeseen engineering challenges, it then took 7 more years to complete the 21.76 miles of track. Regular passenger service began on November 1st, 1931.

From 1931 through 1946 it was the only form of public transport for locals and tourists, carrying an estimated 14 million passengers during this time. In time it became too impractical and expensive to repair, and in 1948 the last train ran from Hamilton to St. George's. The railway assets were sold at bankruptcy prices by the Bermuda Government to what was then the British colony of British Guiana (now independent Guyana) in South Africa. The tracks and trails rapidly deterioriated and by the 1980's the Bermuda Government had converted the abandoned tracks into walking and biking trails that run almost the entire length of the island.

The Bermuda Railway Company name lives in our line of casual apparel and accessories, capturing the spirit of Bermuda and a time unmatched in history.

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